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a token gated community for poker lovers in web3

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The first real money poker club secured by nfts.

Guardian poker has been active in online poker gaming for more than 5 years

Recently we have opened a new club in well know poker application pppoker,the biggest problem with white label poker apps is the safety issue of not being rigged but wen you download your app from app store/google play and the admin has no control over the engine, you can play with ease of mind, also we respect the anonymity of web3 and theres no need for kyc.
All payments deposit/cashout will be handled by crypto

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we will attract poker lovers across the space thru collabs with legit communities and showcasing the perks of our club and poker application


Mint date

since the first phase is a small collection we are sure to sellout fast but even if wer not completely sold out, the minters can start playig right after the reveal



it will 48hrs after the mint and holders can trade their nfts for better rarity aka higher rake back we have set rake backs from 10% up to 70%



sharing the token gated discord link to our holders so they can join and start verifying their assets and also our mods will handle the first deposit so you can be ready to play



focusing on preparing the website for deposits and cashouts to be handled automatically so you can do it on your own if you dont like it to be handled by the mods



expansion of the community, we aim to increase the number of web3 poker lovers


About PPPoker

We run our club on PPPoker

A GLI-certified engine with RNG (random number generator) certificate and high level of security to ensure fairness. The application it self is one of the best out there with long list of options and perks to make the game play more enjoyable, you can check their website for more info

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Frequently Asked Questions

our club is on pppoker application

the app can be downloaded from appstore/google play

not at all, you just need to have our NFT

first phase will be 555 pieces

each card will have different percentage of rakeback starting from duce(2)-10% till joker-70%

the mint price is 0.03 but its actually free , because 30$ will be deposited into your acnt and you can play

we use coinbase gateway and also metamask, so you can use all major coins

the rakeback will be deposited to your acnt automatically every Tuesday

thats not possible, each nft can be used for one specific acnt

our moderators will setup your acnt after verifying your nft in our private discord

we have more than 10 daily tournaments, in total we have above 4mil$ guaranteed monthly tournaments

we do have, and the prize pool is around 10-12k$

pppoker is one the most complete poker apps out there , you should download and check the options for yourself cause theres a long list

for now it will be handled by our mods in discord but we are working on it to make it fully automatic

yes it is, we have more than 50 active tables with different blinds ranging from 0.1/0.2$ up to 25/50$

we try to have 24/7 mods available so it can be handled in less than 10min

sure you can, your percentage will vary based on the quality/quantity of the players you bring, and they dont have to hold an nft


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